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Mission Statement

Dedicated to creating and producing commercially viable, culturally significant, intellectually satisfying and emotionally resonant film and media entertainment for the global audience.

My Rants as a Filmmaker

As a filmmaker, I’m always thinking of ways of expressing myself creatively – always needing and looking for an outlet.

When I’m not producing or directing, I’m usually writing or reading a screenplay or watching a movie. Sometimes I like to watch something new, and other times I like to watch something old. Sometimes I watch a movie to be purely entertained, and sometimes I like to watch a movie with more critical eyes and ears – always looking for ways to extract new meaning from a third or fourth viewing of a great piece of cinema.

At times I’ll watch a movie to be inspired by great filmmaking; other times I’ll watch a movie to remind myself of what not to do in my own work. I have to admit; however, that I also have my own guilty pleasures when it comes to watching movies that I personally would not make or publicly admit to liking. Call me a nerd, but I find myself entertained all the same.

And so, it’s with great enthusiasm that I begin this blog – looking to access another means to express myself intellectually, creatively and emotionally. But more significantly, I look forward to engaging you in a way that informs and that informs me as well.

So thanks for visiting my website and my blog. I look forward to your comments, and I hope that we can begin a long, sustained and mutually beneficial and curious dialogue that challenges my point of views as well as encourages them.

Let’s watch and talk cinema together!!!

Marco Santiago, Jr.