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Water & Power Nears Completion of Post Production

Water & PowerAfter weeks of and refining, Water & Power nears the end of post-production. The project is written, directed and produced by Richard Montoya of Culture Clash fame, produced by Mark Roberts of Roberts/David Films, and co-produced by myself, Lorenzo O’Brien and Emilio Rivera and executive produced by Jim Flach.

Water & Power was originally developed as a stage play by Richard Montoya of comedy and stage company, Culture Clash. The stage-play originally Premiered in 2006 at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles. Water & Power won the Los Angeles Theatre Critics’ Circle and Ovation Awards for Best New Play. The project was subsequently developed at the Sundance Writer lab in January 2007 and was work-shopped at the Sundance Directors Lab that same year.

A Modern Noir on the streets of LA, Water & Power follows Twin brothers nicknamed “Water” and “Power” from the hard scrabble Eastside streets of Los Angeles rise like prince’s through the city’s political and police ranks to become players in a complex and dangerous web of the powerful and corrupt of Los Angeles. One a decorated cop – the other a senator, find themselves in a seedy motel room on the eastern edge of Sunset Boulevard on a dark and rainy night. Something has gone very wrong. Can Power exist without Water? The Fixers and Powers of the city need answers. Everybody is looking for the Twins.

Look for further updates in the weeks to come.

For more detailed information on this project, go to Water & Power.

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