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How to Cope with Suburban Stress

How to Cope with Suburban Stress Movie PosterA feature film project adaptation of the novel of the same title by David Galef. The story brings together the disturbing and the satirical in a fractured tale of suburban angst and ennui, which revolves around the marital difficulties of Michael Eisner, a psychiatrist who constantly squabbles with his domineering executive wife, Jane, at the expense of the mental health of their prepubescent son, Alex.

The story intersects that of Ted Sacks, a budding child pedophile who loses his job as a data recovery specialist and slips further into the seedy chatroom-centric realm of would-be child molesters. He soon grows tired of chatting about molesting “boyz” and begins stalking them in Alex’s neighborhood.

This screenplay was work-shopped at the 2007 NALIP Writers Lab under the mentorship of Harrison Reiner, former Production Executive at Sovereign Pictures, which produced Academy Award winning movies ‘My Left Foot’ and ‘Cinema Paradiso’. Mr. Harrison is producer of “Amar a Morir” (2009), which recently won Best Spanish Language Film Award at the 2009 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

The Screenplay for “How to Cope with Suburban Stress” was further developed at UCLA under Mr. Harrison’s guidance. “How to Cope with Suburban Stress” was also selected as a finalist for consideration to the Sundance Writers Lab for 2008 and has been invited back for reconsideration for the June 2009 Lab. The novel was well received in the Kirkus Reviews in the August 16th edition of the Hollywood Reporter, quoted as saying “. . . suburban stress is rich material for big screen . . .”

Read the Kirkus Review of How to Cope with Suburban Stress as published in the Holywood Reporter.

Screenplay Written by: Marco Santiago, Jr.